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Ninety Six

Seasonal Espresso Blend

Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Dare to be bold! Take a leap into the unknown with our latest seasonal coffee. Embrace the mystery of its origin, flavors, and aromas. Just like embarking on a new relationship, you won't know until you try. Dive in, be adventurous, and awaken your senses

  • Roast: Likely Medium
  • Body: Yeah Man
  • Acidity: Probably Medium
  • Aroma: Wait for it...
  • Cup Notes: Chur

Roasted chiefly for espresso-based milk drinks (flat whites, lattes, cappuccino's, mocha's etc.) but works well on its own as an espresso or in plunger brews too.

Yeah nah, I'm not a risk taker.  Get in touch and we'll share all the details on the current blend.

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