About Us

Ninety Six, what are we all about? Let's break it down...

Born out of a passion of most things coffee, Ninety Six is a specialty coffee company and micro-roastery based in the (coffee) capital of New Zealand. After years of tinkering as a home barista and general scoper-out of coffee science, our founder, Jordan, embarked on a mission to bring a fresh offering to like-minded enthusiasts and cafes.

Let us briefly dissect our name - it embodies most things we're chasing.

You'd gain brownie points for guessing that Ninety Six is referring to our street address or perhaps even the birth year of our founder. Nice try, but no.
It's generally recognised that the closer you can brew your coffee to ninety six degrees celcius (96°C), the better. In this sense, we're all about seeking to reach for the better - always stretching ourselves to "Ninety Six".

What about the logo structure?

Uncomplicated and meaningful. Inside the box, we're a coffee company - doing things that coffee companies do - you know, roasting, brewing, tasting, conversing, and seeking fun. Outside the box is Ninety Six, doing just that - things out of the box, or as we sometimes say "a little bit un-pigeonholed". That's us, doing stuff different.

Yeah, we're pretty passionate...