Hitting Pause

It's no secret that our micro-roastery is a pretty small operation. You may not know that Ninety Six is an after-hours project. Well, it is, beans spilt. More on that later.

So obviously, when something crops up in the life of our founder/roaster/administrator/floor sweeper/packing manager/etc. then we need to make plans.

A year ago we had a significant happening. Our Founder got married. Hurrah.
We got through (we're talking about the coffee business now).

Fast forward to the current day and we're about to hit pause for three short weeks for a tour of the great outdoors of the USA and the UK.

So, long story long: Our roastery will be closing on the 10th of October for the remainder of the month.

We will not be fulfilling orders during this time. So, order your fix now!

And... bing, instantly you've got that question. Let us answer it below.


Q. How long does Ninety Six coffee last?

A. Ah, the FAQ chart-topper. Well, firstly let us say that it's pretty lucky that we print the roast date on every bag right?
It'll taste best between 3 and 30 days after the roast date. 

Coffee beans are so so beautiful but please avoid the clear containers on your bench-top. The beans' greatest enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light.

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