Ethiopia Guji Arsosala Filter Roast

Ethiopia Guji Arsosala Filter Roast

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When it comes to filter coffees, Ethiopia Guji is always a solid option - we've had it in the past and yearned for it whenever the lot goes out of season.

This Ethiopian bean from the Arsosala washing station in the Urega district is one of the most tasteful single origins we've offered, no surprise this is a grade 1 bean.

  • Process: Natural
  • Roast: Light
  • Body: Silky
  • Acidity: Low fruity tang
  • Aroma: Cherry and Plum
  • Notes: Cherry and Apricot. Strawberry aftertaste with Toffee sweetness
Roasted for Chemex, French Press, Aeropress, V60 and other filter methods. If you're game for some cold brew then this single origin will be a great option.

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