Two Thumbs Espresso Blend

Two Thumbs Espresso Blend

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After the first sip of a Two Thumbs flat white, our master roaster sat back and, as the name suggests, gave a silent but very confirming stamp of approval.

The third in our Hand Signals series, Two Thumbs is a blend of three beans from Mexico, Peru, and Ethiopia.

While pleasant in its purest form, the espresso, you'll enjoy this best in a milk beverage, where you'll find the caramel sweetness coming to the fore.

  • Roast: Medium-Dark
  • Body: Smooth
  • Acidity: Medium, Lemon Zest
  • Aroma: Clean Chocolate, Nuttiness, Cherry Ripe
  • Cup Notes: Milk Chocolate, Cherry, Caramel Sweetness
Roasted chiefly for espresso-based milk drinks (flat whites, lattes, cappuccino's, mocha's etc.) but works well on its own as an espresso or in plunger brews too. Tried and tested for manual espresso machines and automatic machines.

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