Wave Two is here

Introducing our newest Hand Signals Espresso Blend.

This marks the beginning of a new phase for Ninety Six. With hundred's of roasts behind us, consistency is a lesser challenge (yes, it's still a fundamental), now we tweak our focus towards developing new flavour offerings through blending.

Over the past months, our primary espresso offering was a seasonal bean from Indonesia West Java, a single origin. In this coffee, we learnt of the typical earthiness that comes with coffees out of Indonesia, leading to a distinct aroma we described as tobacco.

Whilst we all love to explore the unique profiles of single origin coffees - taking a journey to each country, as such - we appreciate the demand for a more palatable, balanced experience in your morning flat white.
Hence, we blend. 

What is blending?

Blending is the process of mixing various ratios of coffee beans from different origins, varietals, and more. A primary reason is to develop an experience that is 'better' than what the coffees were offering individually. We'll use 'better' carefully because we all know that every consumer has their own ideal experience - essentially we're seeking to deliver greater balance and flavour complexity while highlighting the best features of each component bean.

So, Wave Two, what have we got?

The primary component is a bean out of Brazil, call it the steady base note of the blend. This Brazilian will be contributing the most when it comes to the underlying sweet chocolate notes.
The rest of the blend comes from Colombia and Guatemala, delivering nuttiness, the raspberry aroma and more sweetness, like that you'll taste in a good nougat.

Is Wave Two our "house blend"?

At the moment, I don't think so; you can expect further blends from us as we keep exploring. Wave Two consists of seasonal beans and while this doesn't stop us from recreating this flavour from other beans, we prefer to switch things up every now and then. Keeping it a little bit un-pigeonholed, so to speak.
And yes, we'll still be offering single origins.

What does Hand Signals mean?

This is our ongoing series of coffee blends, do we need to explain more?
We have had Shaka, Shaka Espresso Blend now we have Wave Two  and there's more to come.

But, isn't Ninety Six a third wave coffee company?

Yes, indeed (and thank you for asking). The internet can tell you more about third wave coffee and you'll find most descriptions will go hand in hand with Ninety Six. Our Wave Two is a great example of us sitting right in the third wave of the coffee evolution. Confusing huh? Sorry.

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